Workplace ergonomics – look after yourself.

Andrew shares Buro’s passion for workplace ergonomics, human wellbeing, design and ergonomic engineering and his expertise in helping develop and assess our seating range and advising our customers on the right choices is invaluable.

From concept to design and materials evaluation and ultimately to testing the finished product, Andrew works alongside our designers to ensure our design innovation is driven by the human biomechanics of a healthy sitting posture.

It’s a philosophy for creating exceptional chairs that’s founded on the close collaboration of science and technology. The expertise of industry leaders like Andrew is bringing advanced ergonomics to workplace seating; chairs that deliver healthier and more productive workplaces.

Andrew expertise is vital in our customer’s journey, because with an extensive portfolio of options it isn’t always easy for them to make the right seating choice. His knowledge help customers make truly informed seating decisions, as he puts it:

“People come in all shapes and sizes and have to respond to different tasks and work environments, so it’s important that chairs have sufficient range of adjustment.

“An office chair should encourage ‘optimum posture’ for your body-type, with the hips higher than the knees and the provision of lumbar support. Materials choice is also important, choose a chair with high quality foam to avoid developing pressure points and look for a generous ‘waterfall’ to the edge of the seat.”

Andrew is an enthusiastic supporter of Buro’s multi-disciplinary approach to chair design:

“The close alliance of ergonomics, design and precision engineering offers new generation technologies like  ‘dynamic intelligence’, which actively encourages healthful movement while sitting down. We need to understand that sitting all day isn’t natural, so get sound advice about the latest technology and thinking to ensure the chair you buy is exactly right for you.

Over 80% of office workers complain of ailments that can be directly attributed to bad workplace design – and it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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