The Buro Mentor and Buro Vela have been ergonomically assessed by Osteopath and Ergonomist and Andrew Wilson.

Andrew says “The Buro Mentor is a very comfortable chair. The ingenious self-weighting synchro mechanism automatically adjusts to the user’s body weight, requiring no adjustment of the levers, and encouraging frequent postural variation – which has been shown to reduce fatigue and discomfort. I particularly like the default posture which encourages an open trunk to thigh angle. It is almost impossible to sit in a poor posture! An excellent all-round dynamic chair, that would suit a wide range of users.”

In his ergonomic assessment on the Buro Vela High Back he summarises “I particularly like the default posture which encourages a forward thigh tilt posture. The excellent self-weighting tension mechanism encourages the user to use the dynamic features which make a synchro chair so beneficial.”


About Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is an Osteopath and Ergonomist practising from Tauranga New Zealand. Andrew has a successful osteopathic clinic and in the 1990’s realised many of his patients were developing long term symptoms as a result of the rapid computerisation of the office and home environment.

With the success of two books Andrew has been in demand for work place assessments and has helped many individuals and companies manage their work environments. He has consulted extensively to the office furniture industry throughout Australasia. He provides reports on design and product development to many developers and he is proud to be associated with Buro Seating in New Zealand and Australia. Andrew travels and studies extensively to keep up with international trends in ergonomics and he is committed to improving work environments in New Zealand and Australia.