So what are the key considerations when establishing a home workspace for staff?


Ergonomic home office chairs

One of the most crucial resources anyone can invest in for their home office setup is an ergonomically designed desk chair. But what makes a chair ‘ergonomic’?

Put simply, ergonomic design places anatomy, physiology and human behaviour at the centre of engineering to create products, systems and environments that support comfort, productivity and safety for the user. 

An ergonomic computer chair can be adjusted to suit the individual and the space they work in. It can serve as the central focus of a healthy home workspace with other elements being built around the desk chair. 

While specific seating needs will vary for each person, an ergonomic home office chair is usually adjustable in terms of height, depth and tilt, with good lumbar support, seat cushioning and resistance to daily wear and tear. 

The Buro Roma Chair’s: Buro Roma 3 Lever High Back and Buro Roma 3 Lever Mid Back are some of our favourite all-round ergonomic, home office chairs that hit the sweet spot between design, price point and durability. Depending on your needs we suggest exploring our guide to find which home office chair is best for you and your staff. 

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Home office equipment and posture 

Ensuring that good posture is established between desk, chair and screen height is a core element of ergonomically smart workstation setups. 

For those working from laptops, using a laptop raiser and external keyboard allows for a greater range of adjustment to create the ideal ergonomic desk setup. Once workers have access to a great office chair, correct posture is more easily achieved. 

In addition to having an ergonomically correct workstation, we suggest that people take regular breaks from sitting, approximately once every 20 minutes and stretch throughout the day. 

Check out this guide to correct postural alignment at workstations.

Where to find ergonomic home office equipment 

Buro seating has over 25 years experience providing commercial and home office chairs, kneeling stools and ergonomically designed computer chairs across Australasia. Our extensive range has models to suit a broad range of needs and preferences. To find a retailer near you visit our store locator on our Where to buy page

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