Workplace wellbeing and productivity in home offices.

As we spend more time working from home, being intentional with your home office design and choosing an ergonomic home office chair has become more important than ever. Spending 40 hours a week typing at your desk, it’s key to find something comfortable, with strong support for your back and adjustable features for maximum comfort. No one wants their joints cracking on a chiropractor’s table.

An office desk chair isn’t just something to sit on; it can have a significant impact on your wellness and physical and mental wellbeing. Strong posture can increase concentration levels and reduce stress, making you more alert and able to complete tasks. The right home office chair should set you up to be as productive as possible throughout the working week.

Employers increasingly recognise this. More organisations are sourcing ergonomic seating, desks, and other workstation equipment for home office setups. 

Businesses can explore the key to a great home office setup in our article, Home office setup for safety and success.

How to choose the best home office chair

You’ll probably spend a lot of time in your new desk chair, so it’s essential to do your research and pick one tailored to your needs.

Consider the following questions:
How many hours do you sit down each day?
How much do you move and swivel around?
Does the chair suit long or short legs?
Will a thick layer of foam make you feel more comfortable?
How much support do you need for your back?
Do you want the latest desk chair technology?

Cost may influence your decision. A great home office chair is an investment; the right one can improve your posture and mood, making you more productive as you go about your work. 

In contrast, a super-cheap purchase might save some dollars on the outlay, but prove more expensive in the long-term, due to related injuries and medical treatment. It can pay to spend a little bit more on a chair that will stand the test of time.


What’s the right budget for a high-quality office desk chair?  

A budget of $100 – $200 might suit those using their chair for short periods, or be a better option for children and teenagers using one for an hour of homework. A budget above $300, meanwhile, might be more suitable for those working more than six hours a day. 

Ergonomics are crucial. A home office chair needs to suit the way you sit, whether you like firm lumbar support for your back, or something softer on your body. It’s important to find something with the latest ergonomic technology to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Proven build quality and reliability are also key. Buro office desk chairs are rigorously tested to ensure they deliver years of trouble-free use, while all Buro seating comes with a six or ten-year warranty. This industry leading warranty is backed by a return-to-base servicing and faulty component replacement commitment.

Design is another major consideration. Let’s imagine you’ve spent hours putting together your home office setup, flooded with natural light, beautiful interior design, perfect light fixtures, and the very latest Macbook Pro. You don’t want to spoil that with poorly-designed office furniture.

A desk chair can be a statement piece to show off to visitors. It can also be functional and comfy, while retaining a sense of style. With so many options to choose from, a study chair or home office chair can be whatever you want it to be. 

Comfort is always a deciding factor, and a chair needs to be in tune with your needs. What kind of foam do you prefer? Are adjustable elements important? Does your chair need to be fully customisable?

Buro Seating has designed and produced ergonomic office chairs for over 25 years. We’re experts in the science of healthy posture, with several products endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. We know the importance of looking good while sitting down. 

Every home office worker has unique requirements. Here are some of Buro’s top picks based on design, budget, ergonomics, and comfort:

What’s the best designer home office chair?

The Konfurb Harmony Chair 

One for the design connoisseurs. Created by award-winning industrial designer Martin Ballendat, this dynamic office chair features a sleek contoured shell and customisable seating fabric that integrates seamlessly with home interiors.

The Konfurb Harmony is a globally-acclaimed seating option that merges style and comfort, featuring a compact design, adjustable height, and ergonomic lumbar support.

Combining minimalist contemporary design with dynamic functionality, the chair is a perfect fit for home-based work environments, particularly office nooks. Ideal for shorter sitting times, it offers adjustability for comfort, as well as being lightweight and mobile.

What’s the best home office chair for a budget?

The Mondo Java Chair 

The all-rounder. Built to last and designed to withstand daily commercial use, the Mondo Java Chair meets the highest health and safety standards and comes with quality and environmental certificates.

The adjustable computer chair boasts a generous seat, with a contoured back for comfort and support. With high-density moulded dual-foam, it delivers excellent value, proving popular with both students and businesses.

The Mondo Java has high, medium, and mesh back options. Users can customise their ideal look and fit, while saving dollars along the way.

What’s the best ergonomic home office chair?

The Buro Metro Chair

Adjustable, adaptable, flexible, and functional, the Buro Metro Chair has a strong emphasis on ergonomic design, and features an independently adjustable seat and back tilt.

With customisable seating fabric and a breathable mesh back, the chair adds a streamlined aesthetic to its high functionality. It’s the perfect option for people with additional physical needs who demand the latest supportive technology.

Every detail is designed for comfort. The Buro Metro Chair features a high-density polyurethane moulded foam seat, with enhanced lumbar support to keep workers primed for productivity.

Cosy Comfort

The Buro Roma Family
Buro Roma 3 Lever High Back
Buro Roma 3 Lever Mid Back

Comfort will always be the number one consideration for some people, and that’s where the Buro Roma Family comes in.

Buro Roma chairs feature moulded foam seats and backs, with adjustable elements, delivering a fully customisable experience .This comfy home office chair lineup is available in either high or mid-back models, perfect for taller people who prefer a soft, supportive feel.

Where to find your ideal home office chair? 

Time to ditch your stiff seat for something better? Buro’s collection of good-looking ergonomic seating is stocked by a wide range of New Zealand and Australian retailers.Head to our Where to Buy page to find your local seller, or shop the Buro ergonomic chair range online.


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