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Great desk stretch for wrist pain relief

How office work can cause wrist pain

Office work often requires long hours of sitting, where your body can easily get tired. As you get tired poor posture starts to creep in, including placing extra weight on the wrists. If this continues over a longer period of time, pain can develop along with injuries such as RSI and carpal tunnel.

Ergonomic tips for healthy wrists

The good news is that wrist pain can be avoid with some simple ergonomic adjustments. Follow the steps below from Andrew Wilson, Osteopath and Ergonomist.

  • Your keyboard and mouse should be sitting directly in front of you.
  • Your keyboard should be adjusted according to if you sit forward slightly or sit back slightly. The tilt of the keyboard should face away from you if you sit forward and should be tilted forward if you recline so your wrists remain straight.
  • Your elbows should always stay at your side, so you don’t have to strain at all. You can also use cushioned mouse pads.
  • Remember to keep moving and change positions regularly.

Having awareness of the optimal position is the first step. Use your awareness like a mindful practice, when you become aware that you’re in a less than ideal position, take a pause and make the necessary adjustments.

Try this wrist stretch at your desk

Try this stretch to help relieve, minimize and even avoid tension. Don’t hesitate to stop regularly and take a stretching break.


‘Bear in the honey pot’ wrist stretch

Relieves tension from tired and tight wrists

  • Sit evenly on your chair with your spine straight.
  • Bring the back of your hands to touch in front of you, with your elbows stretched wide.
  • Work to your edge, this may mean that only the fingers touch and that’s ok.
  • Imagine you are a bear reaching for honey in the sides of a honey pot and give your fingers a wriggle.


Other tips to help relieve wrist pain

Try our other desk stretches

Working with muscle and joint pain makes work a whole lot less enjoyable and less productive. Try our other desk stretches for some sweet relief and prevention.


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