Ergonomics at work

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Ergonomics at work

Buro Seating Launches New Brand.


Buro Seating is a business that continues to push barriers and our new brand purpose of ‘ergonomics at work’ is yet another exciting milestone for us.

At Buro Seating we understand that a chair can be seen as just an item – a physical thing, but in reality it is key to your comfort, wellbeing and productivity and therefore ultimately your success.

We understand that no two people are made the same. That’s why we research, ergonomically design and manufacture our chairs to be tuned to fit any body – and most importantly to fit you.

After 25 years doing this, we understand our chairs have to feel good and look good, so we design them to do both.

We take our customers and their employees and teams health and wellbeing very seriously and if they are to remain at the peak of their performance, then so must their seating.

At Buro we know your chair needs to support you every day, so we design them to be on duty whenever you need them, backed up by guarantees of up to 10 years.

Seating is about people and performance, not just chairs.

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