How you can help your staff while working from home:


Provide guidance on how to ergonomically setup their workstation:

Check out our ‘tune your chair‘ videos to get tips on how to setup your home office chair for optimal ergonomic performance.  We understand everybody is different, and therefore how we setup our office chairs will be too. Buro Seating has worked closely with Andrew Wilson, leading Ergonomist, to assess anergonomically rate our top selling chairs. 

Finding the right ergonomic chair for employees:

If you are in the process of supplying ergonomic seating to employees working from home, we have a PDF on international certifications and which ones you should be looking for when selecting the right chair. Our Buro stockists are also happy to help you through this process and provide recommendations on which Buro ergonomic home office chair best suits your employees home office needs. 

Encourage people to move regularly during the day:

Employees sitting on the couch, standing at the kitchen bench, or any other temporary makeshift workstation, initially this might be okay, but after prolonged periods it can increase muscle and joint pain. Trying to work with muscle and joint pain, can make you less productive, but can easily be prevented. Read our step by step guide on back, neck and shoulder workplace stretches that anyone can do while seated. 

Find a Buro stockist near you and find the best Buro home office chair for your employees.