These revolutionary developments in workplace ergonomics are now available from Buro in our feature rich Mentor and Vela chairs.

Dynamic intelligence represents the latest advances in chair design, but the concepts behind it govern the design of every Buro chair.

Achieving ‘optimum posture’ by providing lumbar support and sufficient seat adjustment to ensure the thighs are higher than the knees is critical to delivering a better seat. As is the provision of a ‘dished’ seat with a generous ‘waterfall’ edge and high-density foam to reduce pressure points.

A badly designed seat will increase fatigue, lead to poor concentration and increase the likelihood of joint strain and muscle fatigue. If it’s an habitual problem it can lead to long-term health issues with an inevitable impact on productivity.

According to Buro’s ergonomic specialist, Dr Andrew Wilson;

“Ergonomics research has shown that providing an ergonomic chair and training people in good sitting posture can reduce pain and symptoms, and lead to increased productivity. Additional research has also shown that providing a dynamic seat that allows a forward tilt sitting position can reduce lower back pain.”

Dr. Wilson works with Buro to bring knowledge and confidence to the decision-making process; helping to inform our clients and ensuring that our seating portfolio continues to be world class.

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