Buro Seating; Ergonomics at work

Last year we refreshed our brand - this year we continue on that very exciting journey. Here is a recap of the brand refresh and a sneak peek of 2019. At Buro we understand that a chair can be seen as just an item, but in reality it is key to your comfort and wellbeing [...]

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Ergonomics at work

Buro Seating Launches New Brand.   Buro Seating is a business that continues to push barriers and our new brand purpose of ‘ergonomics at work’ is yet another exciting milestone for us. At Buro Seating we understand that a chair can be seen as just an item - a physical thing, but in reality it [...]

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Our commitment to the environment

- Buro is now subsitituting chrome plating - For generations people have valued the durability & mirror–like finish that chrome plating offers . In modern times we have become aware of the potential problems caused by traditional chrome plating processes and how they can harm our health & environment. There are enormous and widely varied health [...]

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Introducing the Buro Dyna Stool

  - Introducing the Dyna Stool -   The new Buro Dyna stool is the latest addition to our dynamic seating range. Designed to encourage movement and flexibility by promoting a standing/sitting posture.   Coupled with excellent moulded foam & auto swivel return seat, the Dyna stool is a stand out choice for those who are [...]

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Seating that encourages movement

Active seating that encourages freedom of movement.   Long periods of static sitting in a restrictive posture can be detrimental to our health and this is why Buro is proud to introduce our new 'Active Seating’ range. Buro Active Seating is ideal for improving natural mobilization of the spinal joints and encourages freedom of movement. [...]

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Introducing Buro Vela

  - Introducing the Vela chair -   The Buro Vela High Back chair is an exciting addition to the Buro range. Vela is certified with the AFRDI 142 - rate loaded to 135kg. Making it ideal for any single shift operating environments.  Coupled with an excellent Ergonomic Assessment, Vela is a definate stand out [...]

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New Buro Mentor Chair

The Buro Mentor Has All You Need in an Office Chair The Buro Mentor Chair checks every requirement when you are trying to select the perfect office chair for your needs. With an emphasis on contemporary and ergonomic design, this office chair is easy to use, beautiful and most importantly, incredibly comfortable. Whether you are [...]

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Kneeling Chair vs Standing Desk

It seems nowadays that its becoming popular in office furniture to have stand up desks, as opposed to a few years ago when kneeling chairs were popular. So what is the difference? Why did they get so popular all of a sudden? Well, many research studies suggest a job where you work eight hours or [...]

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Classroom Design And Its Impact On Students

A student’s learning experience is impacted by the classroom design around them. Basic things such as classroom lighting, the colour of the room, the air quality, the layout and the quality of the furniture all affect students. In the 21st century, more and more teachers are seeking a classroom layout that promotes collaboration among students. [...]

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How To Design The Ideal Office Layout

Many offices these days update their office layout to keep up with the modern trend of more collaborative open-plan designs. No matter what type of business you run, you should aspire to have comfortable and happy employees. It’s proven that designing an office layout ergonomically results in happier and generally more productive employees.   Layout [...]

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