Buro Jett Fabric

Buro is proud to be one of the first commercial seating suppliers in Australasia to offer a guarantee on chair fabric.


Introducing Buro Jett fabric the successor to Pyramid fabric and soon to be available on a selection of Buro chairs.
Buro Jett fabric features a unique 2 year guarantee against ‘wear-through’* on Buro chairs used in ‘single-shift office conditions’*.
*See below for a full definition of our Jett Fabric Guarantee.


Buro fabric


Terms & Conditions:

Buro Seating LP offers a 2 year fabric guarantee against ‘wear-through’ (1) on Buro products used in normal office or home office (2) conditions (to the original purchaser only), provided Buro Jett fabric care guidelines (3) have been adhered to. The chair must also be fully serviceable and free from damage (4).

The guarantee covers the replacement of Jett fabric including re-upholstery costs. The guarantee does not cover any other costs associated with the guarantee claim.

If the Buro chair has been used outside Buro approved user ratings including usage hours per day, and maximum user weight ratings, then the guarantee would be void.  For user guidelines on individual seating products please refer to our website and individual product specification sheets.


(1) Wear-through is defined as abnormal or accelerated deterioration of the fabric when used under normal conditions. A determination of what is “wear through” will be solely at the discretion of Buro Seating LP.

(2)Normal office or home conditions is ‘single-shift’ use being approx 40 hours per week. The guarantee does not cover spot wear on isolated areas e.g. caused by a metal zip in a pair of jeans, metal studs in a belt, a key ring in a rear pocket, burns, stains, soiling, damage by pets, cuts, improper installation, unreasonable use or fault caused by applications of protective processes by third parties.

(3) Buro Jett fabric care guidelines include keeping fabric entirely free of dust and soiling. If fabric becomes soiled it should be cleaned immediately.

(4) The chair must be serviceable and free of damage to; the plastic seat and back pan; and the seat and back foams.  Damage to the seat or back pan (e.g. cracked or deformed plastic) could lead to fabric damage, this would void any guarantee claim. Seat and back foams damaged through improper use could also damage the fabric also voiding a guarantee claim.