Buro Metro II – Reference

Buro Metro II – Reference

Buro Metro II Workstation Chair

Philippa Grimes
Occupational Health Physiotherapist

Sourcing a workstation chair that accommodates all users is a challenge but, with its multiple adjustable features the Metro II is likely to suit many office staff.

Each of its adjustment features, the seat and back height adjustments included, are easy to access and operate. Having separate back and seat pan adjustable levers is a bonus. Chairs with these features combined into one are not intuitive for the user. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to choose between having the back support in its ‘free flow’ setting or ‘locked in’. This is a recognised feature of a modern workstation chair and one that compliments best practice for spinal health. Our backs are not designed to stay in fixed, upright posture all day, they are designed to move. For staff for longer or shorter thigh length, a seat slide is a valuable feature.

While no one workstation chair will be ideal for all office staff, there are few who would not find the  Metro IImore than meets their comfort and aesthetic needs.

And last but not least, it’s good value for money.

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