Buro’s top ergonomic office chairs for sitting all day. 

At Buro, we have spent over 20 years designing the best office chairs and ergonomic seating for people that spend long hours sitting. We know that there are many factors that support your wellbeing including stretches, taking mini-breaks and workplace culture, but there is no doubt that a great chair does wonders in keeping you feeling and working well. 

Our Buro Metro Range is a classic, ergonomic office chair. Durable and adjustable it’s designed to support daily use and take the weight of long hours spent sitting. The range comes in high or mid-back options and has a high density moulded foam seat for extra comfy cushioning. 

For those people in more fluid office spaces where you may change seats frequently, the Buro Mentor series uses Dynamic Intelligence™ technology to intuitively adjust itself to each body. This executive chair is an ergonomic solution perfect for boardrooms or co-working spaces. 

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Our top picks:

Metro Nylon base (top right image)
Metro Alu base (hero image)
Metro II High Back 24/7 
Mentor upholstered, Nylon base (top left image)
Mentor mesh, Nylon base