Tips for how to avoid back pain at your desk


1) Find moments for movement.

Although it’s easy to get hyper-focused and stay seated for hours, even with a great ergonomic setup this can be a fast road to back pain at your desk, physical discomfort or workstation injury. 

Taking 5 minutes out of every half an hour to stand up and stretch, walk around or get some fresh air is great for your mental health, as well as supporting your circulation, mobility and chances of avoiding back and neck pain. Check out our article on some simple desk stretches to prevent and ease back pain.


2) Get space from your screen.

The optimal distance from your eyes to your screen is around 50 – 70cm. You should also be able to clearly see your screen by looking straight ahead. If you are using a laptop be sure to get a laptop raiser or find a way to lift your screen so you’re not looking up or down for too long. Also, every half hour be sure to look away from your screen so as to give your eyes a rest, blue light glasses are also a great investment if you spend long hours on a computer. 


3) Check your angles.

The proportion of your body in relation to your workstation is crucial to how comfy you will feel after a full day at a desk. With your feet flat on the floor, your knees should be just slightly lower than your hips. Ideally you will be able to place your forearms on the desk and keep your elbows at a right angle. Also you want to be sitting with a straight spine, supported in your chair, not leaning too far forwards or slouching. Check out our Tune Your Chair videos to adjust your Buro chair for a perfect fit.  


4) Stand up for your spine.

A standing desk is an excellent option. Ideally, you will be able to transition from standing to sitting throughout the day, this gives your spine a wider range of motion, improving circulation, breathing, digestion and energy levels. Be sure to wear supportive shoes so that your posture stays aligned while you work and take into account having your desk at elbow height so your forearms can easily rest. 


5) Invest in an ergonomic desk chair.

Ultimately, for the time you do spend sitting, having an ergonomically correct chair is your biggest wellness ally. It should be adjustable, comfortable and made of quality materials durable enough for everyday use. 

Here at Buro, we have literally made it our business to design chairs for every body.

Some of our best sellers include the Buro Metro Range. These are fully adjustable in terms of seat height, depth and back tilt. They also come in a range of styles to suit your taste because why not look good while you feel good too. 

The Buro Mentor range is perfect for fluid office arrangements where people swap seats a lot. The Dynamic IntelligenceTM mechanism adjusts automatically to suit each user. Smart hey! 

You can browse the Metro and Mentor ranges or reach out to one of our resellers to find your perfect fit.


Our top picks:

Metro Nylon base
Metro Alu base (hero image)
Metro II High Back 24/7 (top right image)
Mentor upholstered, Nylon base (top left image)
Mentor mesh, Nylon base