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The events of the past two years have highlighted how reliant the average person has become on easy imports and cheap overseas goods. The crisis has also underlined how much pressure the international supply chain puts on the global environment, with flights and ships transporting things we could be buying Down Under.

As a result, many Aussie companies are rethinking how they buy and who they buy from. That’s an admirable goal, but it can be difficult for consumers to separate genuine Australian-made goods from the pretenders in the market, and high-quality local goods from cheap imitators.

It can be hard for procurement specialists, employers, and retailers to keep track of where products come from and what’s really “Aussie-made”.  Many products claim to be, but they’re stretching the truth. Is your product 100% Australian, or the result of global manufacturing?

Buro Seating is a Certified B-Corp, an Aussie company committed to environmental sustainability. Buro and our fellow B Corp companies meet the highest environmental standards and are dedicated to exceeding social, environmental performance, accountability and transparency metrics with our desk and executive chairs.

We’re always striving to create more sustainable products for our customers. With that in mind, we’ve designed a range of sustainable, officially-licensed, and Australian-made office desk chairs for people looking to keep their carbon footprint light and support the local economy.

While many companies talk a good game on the environment and bombard you with meaningless buzzwords, environmental standards are built into our business. We’re committed to developing environmentally-sustainable products and growing the range of chairs we make from recyclable materials.

That’s just one unique selling point of our lineup. Our eco-friendly office desk chairs are also ergonomically-designed and fully adjustable to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. You’ll be comfortable in your seat, and comfortable in the knowledge you’ve minimised your environmental footprint.

The importance of Australian-made

There’s one way to tell genuine Australian products apart. Truly authentic Australian products display the famous ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ logo. The logo is our nation’s most trusted and recognised country of origin symbol, and backed up by a third-party accreditation system that ensures the products are genuine. 

Ticked that box? When you’re on the lookout for Australian-made, sustainable office furniture, you’ll want to know the product you’ve got your eye on is of the highest quality. You’ll need something that looks and feels high-end, as well as being locally-made.

Comfort is key

It’s essential that your brand new eco-friendly home office chair serves its ultimate purpose. It has to be comfortable and give lumbar support for bad backs as well as the environment.

Buro chairs are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Whether you’re using it as a computer chair or a gaming chair, you’ll need something that suits you. 

Feeling great is just as important as looking the part or picking an Australian-made, environmentally friendly product. The Australian Physiotherapy Association endorses the Buro Tidal Range, and all of our Buro Tidal chairs are made from comfortable, high-density moulded foam.

With high and mid-mesh back versions to choose from, our Buro Tidal Range office chairs can be a great fit for anyone. You’ll be able to sit well, work well, and feel well, all while enjoying natural materials and sustainably-sourced products such as FSC-certified wood.

Meeting strict environmental standards

At Buro, we pride ourselves on our tangible commitment to the environment. While a lot of companies talk the talk, we walk the walk.

All of our Buro Tidal Range chairs meet rigorous environmental standards, and each one is GREENGUARD CERTIFIED. 

When searching for an office desk chair for your company, make sure it has a GREENGUARD certification.

GREENGUARD is one of the world’s most-respected environmental certifications for sustainable furniture. Products that achieve GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION are scientifically proven to have safe emissions levels. When you pick something GREENGUARD certified, you’ll have a healthier indoor environment and reduce your chemical exposure.

The products we use to build and furnish our places of work can have a massive impact on indoor air pollution levels. So it’s important to pick something with the lowest emission levels possible.

At Buro, our goal to help the environment doesn’t stop at the point of sale — we also help Aussies cut down on waste. 

We’re committed to responsible life cycle management and the core principles of product stewardship and extended responsibility. When you’re finished with your chair, we promise to take it back and recycle the parts. 

We’ve also responsibly sourced carbon-neutral, GECA certified upholstery from Sustainable Living Fabrics that can be customised to suit any space. Upholstery comes with a 10-year guarantee. 

Now you’ve heard our story, learn more about our products.  Here are some of the best eco-friendly chairs to deck out your office in 2022. 

The Buro Tidal Range of Australian made desk chairs includes:


243: Buro Tidal Mid Back

The Buro Tidal Mid Back is a great Aussie all-rounder. As you might have guessed, this fully-ergonomic office chair is designed to rest on the middle of your back, and offers a fully customisable seating position for all users. 

Rest assured that this task chair has met strict Australian manufacturing and quality standards. It comes with Sustainable Living Fabrics that are GECA certified and carbon neutral.


242: Buro Tidal High Back

The Buro Tidal High Back also meets Australian manufacturing and quality standards, with Sustainable Living Fabrics, like its counterparts in the Buro Tidal range.

This great office desk chair features an independently adjustable seat and back tilt, high-density moulded foam, and width and height adjustable arms.


244: Buro Tidal Mesh Back

Boasting the same eco-credentials as its Buro Tidal cousins, the Mesh Back comes with mesh support for a slightly different feel. This desk chair is also fully customisable, with a depth adjustable seat slide.

The contemporary mesh support complements a 5-star black nylon base, with customers able to select from the entire range of Sustainable Living Fabrics. 


All of our Buro Tidal chairs are:

  • GREENGUARD Certified 
  • Certified by Furntech-AFRDI to Level 6 (able to withstand 40 hour weeks)
  • Officially licensed Australian Made 
  • 100% recyclable after use. 


Tech wizardry

You can take a sneak peek at our Buro Tidal chairs today using the latest augmented reality technology. Use your smartphone to scan the QR codes on our product pages to get a snapshot of exactly how our ergonomic chairs can enhance your home or place of work. 

With augmented technology, you’ll also see how your new chair works and get a detailed inspection of its features. Scan the QR codes on the Buro Tidal Product pages on our website (you may need to adjust your phone to enable the ‘Scan QR Codes’ feature). 


Check us out

Eco-friendly, locally-made, durable, and stylish. We’ve ticked a lot of boxes with the Buro Tidal range. You’ve done your homework, ticked your boxes, and got a great understanding of the best office chairs. Now you know there’s an Australian-made chair that feels as good as it looks, and helps the environment, too.

Find out more about the Buro Tidal range here.