Australian made chairs. 

When making an Australian made chair purchase it’s important the user’s experience isn’t compromised just to meet other requirements. Ultimately you need to know that people will sit well, work well and feel well in the office chair they use. 

The Buro Tidal range is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the seats are made from comfortable, high density moulded foam. With high and mid and mesh back versions available we have ensured these office chairs are a good fit for every body. 

Since we know that specs make it easy to tick boxes, here are some good ones.
The Buro Tidal Range of chairs include:

All of the chairs are:

  • GREENGUARD Certified 
  • Certified by Furntech-AFRDI to Level 6 
  • Officially licensed Australian Made 
  • 100% recyclable after use. 

Technical details aside, we also want you to look good, so we’ve sourced carbon-neutral, GECA certified upholstery from Sustainable Living Fabrics that can be customised to suit any space and comes with a 10-year guarantee. 

Durable, stylish, comfortable and locally made, we’ve ticked a lot of boxes with this range. Putting in the groundwork so you can get down to business knowing you’ve chosen an Australian Made chair that feels as good as it looks. 

Check out the Buro Tidal Range here.