How does finding your optimal posture affect the rest of your life? We have discovered many ways. Below are five benefits that stood out.

Improve your energy

When you align your joints in the optimal posture, your muscles don’t need to be over-working unnecessarily. You will have less fatigue and better concentration.

Get better back support

Optimum spinal posture and good support from your chair will reduce the build up of back and neck strain. You will have more energy to enjoy other leisurely activities in your life that you love outside of work.

Increase workout benefits

If you’re practicing optimum posture while sitting through the day, it won’t take long before optimum posture becomes second nature. Take this form through to your workouts, so you can protect your body as well as better target particular muscle groups, resulting in more benefits.

Improve your confidence

Having optimum posture has been proven to improve self confidence. When we feel good about ourselves, we sit up nice and straight. When we are feeling low or fatigued, we tend to slouch. Give yourself a boost of confidence by aligning your spine and see what happens.

Increase your self awareness

Think of the practice of finding your optimal posture as a bit like a meditation. It’s a single action to come back to when you get distracted into old sitting habits. This is increasing your capacity to become more self aware. Enough practice, and you can start to become not only aware of sitting habits, but thinking habits also. You might catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and through awareness become more positive.


If you have found that developing and maintaining good posture has improved your life and you have an interesting story to share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Featured photos are from the Zespri Office Fitout supplied by Vidak.