Seating that encourages movement

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Seating that encourages movement

Active seating that encourages freedom of movement.


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Long periods of static sitting in a restrictive posture can be detrimental to our health and this is why Buro is proud to introduce our new ‘Active Seating’ range. Buro Active Seating is ideal for improving natural mobilization of the spinal joints and encourages freedom of movement. When you move, the seat moves with you.

Buro Active Seating was developed with a 360 degree pivoting base to assume your optimal posture in any sitting position. The dynamic connection between the chair and the base enables three-dimensional movement and relieves the intervertebral discs and encourages flexibility.

Buro is a leader in ergonomic seating and is committed to introducing seating that helps maintain ergonomic alignment and postural support and stability.

Embrace the future of active seating and read about our Buro Active Seating models.

Buro Active Revo Stool
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Buro Active Metro II Connect Chair

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